Guest Strip: CTON
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April 26th, 2013

Guest Strip: CTON

CTON is the pen name of Clayton Hanmer, a fellow OWL Cartoonist and illustrator. He draws a lot of cool monsters, narly dudes, and jelly sandwiches which was why I knew he’d be right for this strip. While CTON writes some of his own comics, he asked me to pen this one for him, but he chose the punchline from a variety of options. Most of the other ones were puns on place names like Saudi Romania and Sengalgeria. Most of his own comics star Blob, who I think is even easier to draw than my snowman. Smart thinking! You can check out his great books including the puzzle and comic filled CTON’s Super A-Maze-ing Year of Crazy Comics, and the ones he’s illustrated like The Secret Life of Money, Not Your Typical Book About The Environment, and The Lowdown on Denim.

Clayton and I have done a few talks together too, including Word on the Street and TCAF, the Toronto Comics Art Festival. Speaking of TCAF, it’s coming up in a few weeks, and I’ll be there again. It’s FREE, and it’s May 11-12. Many of the guest artists you have and will see here, will be there. This is from CTON and I doing a talk for kids at the last show.



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2 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Scarodactyl

    The expression on the center gobbelin in the last panel is what gets me.

  2. A. Payne

    That looks more like a minotauracle… Or perhaps even a satyracle?