Guest Strip: J. Bone
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April 24th, 2013

Guest Strip: J. Bone

Michael Cho name checked J last week so I thought I should run his comics this week. J. Bone and I went to Sheridan College together, making him my longest-lasting artist friendship buddy. He’s always loved super heroes and mainstream comics, and has drawn Justice League, Spider-Man, The Spirit, The Rocketeer and more. He’s got a fun super hero monster webcomic called Gobukan that is gorgeous.  He’s also done a bunch of great all ages comic books like Mutant Texas, Alison Dare, Jingle Belle, and the Super-Friends-Vol-Class-Comics Super Friends.

It makes perfect sense that J sees my art as very flat. Not only does he like to draw cartoons with more depth, he also uses yarn to make little stuffed characters, like this Princess Christi he made for me. The art is called amigurumi, and J’s got a flickr page of his cute little guys.


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  1. ColdFusion

    If only more people used such gentle ribbing for art style criticism