Guest Strip: Jason Loo
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April 17th, 2013

Guest Strip: Jason Loo

Jason Loo blows me away with his European-style comic art rendering. He’s a huge Star Wars fan, and you can see his love of that world in his comic, Loo Harvest. It’s a story about a young man’s ups and (mostly) downs, in relationships set against Rancor beasts, droids and scratchy blue holograms. It’s no wonder that his take on Princess Planet added a pop culture pun to the mix. His likeness of Tom Hanks is somehow both extremely accurate, and weirdly monstrous.

The punchline reminds me of the Radio Shack store. It’s named after the part of a boat where the radio is kept, but with that reference lost on many people, it sounds really rinky dink. Like Pizza Hut. They’re underselling how good they are so we’ll be pleasantly surprised that they are not completely terrible. This Toronto convenience store has the same approach I think.


It’s not all that bad. It’s a bit smaller than most corner stores, but it appears clean and has an okay selection. The sign also makes me think that the Lone Star state can be read as an attempt to put a positive spin on a very low rating.

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  1. Proteus

    That boy needs therapy!