Guest Strip: Ryan North
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April 19th, 2013

Guest Strip: Ryan North

I first met fellow Torontonian Ryan on a trip to Halifax for Word on the Street. He is a super likable guy, and talks a lot like his strip Dinosaur Comics strip reads. You may have heard of Ryan through his amazing Kickstarter project, To Be Or Not To Be, a choose your own adventure-style Hamlet story. What a perfect subject for a multiple path story, right? I was lucky to be among the artists he asked to provide illustrations for the book, as well as his earlier project with Dave Malki, The Machine of Death. I drew this comic based on his repeated Dinosaur Comics image and let him come up with the dialogue, since he’s a writer and coder, rather than drawer or sculptor. He says the alternative title for this comic is

and now you know why every barbershop in the world still operates under the secret slogan, “I Cut Off Your Hair And Eat It, Yummy Yum”

When I drew the pizza bearded gnome I wasn’t thinking of the reality of the situation, but now that Ryan brings it up, I think of how greasy the gnome’s skin must be. Major zit problems I bet.

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5 Awesomes Comments!

  1. BMunro

    So…is it that most of the villagers are lilliputians, or is that gnome enormous as well as Pizza-bearded?

  2. admin

    BMunro, the gnome is enormous. He’s like a spriggan in Dungeons and Dragons, the race of gnomes that can grow into giants at will.

  3. Scarodactyl

    Words cannot easily describe how brilliant I find this crossover to be. Thank you to the both of you!

  4. Proteus

    Ah, so he’s an extra-large pizza gnome

  5. Daniel

    It’s been quite sometime since I had read this comic, and just coming back here to this? Words cannot express my feelings, but here’s two and an emoticon: fabulous crossover. 😀