Guest Strip: Julie Faulkner
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April 14th, 2013

Guest Strip: Julie Faulkner

I met Julie at a comic convention a few years ago and became a big fan of her animation-style artwork. She’s an expert at squashing and stretching her figures, which suits her fitness and diet-themed webcomic, Promises, Promises. You can also see her animation chops in the deep settings she drew for the castle. My backgrounds tend to be like a shoebox with a couple of bricks painted on them, and a hole cut through for a window. Julie really brought Christi’s home to life. I think she nicely summarizes the ethos behind the strips I draw. Thanks, Julie!

2 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Dyl

    She did a great job and you have a great comic here, glad to have been put onto it! You’re from Toronto like her?

  2. admin

    Dyl, I am a Torontonian too. We will both be at TCAF in a short few weeks!