Snowman Love 3
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March 17th, 2013

Snowman Love 3

I was asking my friend Steve about what food or object I should use for the Snowman’s lips in the final panel. After the process of trying to describe the comic to him he said “Sometimes when you talk I feel like you’re a straggly white-haired old man who’s just come out of a cave clutching my wrist, talking insanity.” Often, I think I’m doing a cartoon that’s too safe and corny, but then Steve reminds me that doing a comic with a talking snowman who’s trying to make yummy edible lips is more than a bit left field.

And for those wondering, I had considered cantaloupe slices, eclairs, and bacon. The idea of putting ketchup on like condiment lipstick made it too over the top not to choose.

5 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Golux

    Mm, mmm. Ketchup lipstick!

  2. ColdFusion

    If you come off like a crazy cave guy, you know you’re on the right track.
    I remember once I was reading a xanth book and someone didn’t believe me that I’d nearly finished a novel-length book in such a short time.. so he wanted me to ‘prove it’ by describing the plot.. and I rattled it off pretty easily.. so he was like “you’re either a fast reader or have a talent for making up a lot of crazy crap in a short time”

  3. Schmorgluck

    A bit more effort and they’ll both look like Arcimboldo paintings.

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  4. Ribusprissin

    Hey, the Wedding Guest may have been annoyed but eventually he was hooked on the Ancient Mariner’s story.

  5. admin

    ColdFusion – thanks for the vote of confidence!

    Schmorglouck – Arcimboldo is pretty great (and a great reference!)

    Ribuprissin – I wouldn’t have gotten that reference until a few weeks ago. We have been studying it in my English Lit class. I found it intriguing that what’s essentially a tragedy is framed by a wedding (that traditional ending for a comedy). Does that make it comedic? Does it soften the tragedy? Does it mock the comedy? Hmmmm…