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March 24th, 2013

Smirkulees’ Journal

This comic came out of a twitter conversation with fellow cartoonist dude, Eric Colossal. We were talking about the weird stuff that ends up in journals in video game RPGs, and how funny it would be to read one out of context. I feel like Roger would have shared this with the Snowman, but since he’s been so busy with his new love, old quest-companion Patricia makes a pretty good substitute.

8 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Ribusprissin

    In Skyrim, rumors and quests are the same. You’ll be walking past the town guards (the most informed people in the kingdom) and they’ll discuss some rumor. Your quest log then tells you to investigate, and your map gains a quest marker.

  2. Golux

    Would you survive a ride on a Fenriswheel?

  3. ColdFusion

    Of course even regular spiders are vampires, they just don’t usually suck the blood of anything with blood.. but a bird-eating spider does.. maybe that’s why tarantula ends in -ula already

  4. admin

    Ribuprissin – I have not verified this rumour of yours but for some reason it’s on my list of things to do?

    Golux – I might, because I am not a Norse god. 😛

    ColdFusion – Good observation about the -ula! I am pretty sure spiders aren’t vampires or they would turn into mist if you tried to squish them. Also, they would have bug thrawls to do their bidding.

  5. Hoppy

    It’s ‘thrall’, not ‘thrawl’… altho for spiders maybe ‘thrawl’ would be right, cuz a spider ‘thrawl’ would crawl… up a wall in the fall, while at the mall, or in a tall hall….

    (I gotta stop)

  6. admin

    Hoppy – I’m lucky I didn’t use “thrull” the Magic the Gathering monsters. Thanks for the save!

  7. Bok

    I was already in “Hey, this seems awfully familiar” territory on the second panel. Except of course most of the games I play are so old I’m actually the one writing that stuff instead of the game doing it for me.
    …I may have a problem.

  8. Steve

    Hoppy: The rhymes must stall. That is all.