Snowman Love 2
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March 10th, 2013

Snowman Love 2

I’ve had this snowman/broom theory for a while. It was nice to get it into pixels. Anyone have any other suggestions?

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. tudza

    A corpse is a corpse
    Of horse of horse

  2. Nonsensicles

    Hm. Maybe the broom could be for creating patterns in the snow like zen gardens?

  3. bobadventures

    It never occurred to me how well the snowperson body shape lends itself to an hourglass figure. She’s very cute! I especially like the radish nose.

    I lived in Canada for a couple of years and was amazed to see how excited people about curling. Here in the U.S., the only time people pay attention to it is at the Olympics, and even then it’s mostly just to say “Gee, that’s weird!”

  4. Lars

    Maybe she has the broom so that when she gets married, she and her groom can jump it.

  5. admin

    tudza – Is that the Mr. Dead theme song?

    Nonsensicles – good idea!

    Bobadventures – I was equally surprised to learn how big college football was in the States. More than hockey in most places. Weird.

    Lars – And if they don’t have someone to marry them, they pretend that one of them is Pastor Brown!

  6. Steve

    Admin: Football is fairly unimportant. American football is the sport people play a lot of. This comes from an American, but one who spells the metal aluminium.