Rock Ness Mess part 14
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September 11th, 2011

Rock Ness Mess part 14

I feel like this storyline really lets the gutters between comics cover a lot of ground. We never saw that Roger tried other methods to make Poomhuckle throw up. I’m just implying that he did. I hope that comes across as a good way to spend the panels I have rather than a confusing mess. Also, the ears burning line reminds me of the old wive’s tale that if your ear is ringing you’re supposed to ask someone to say a letter. That’s the first initial of the person who’s talking about you. The left ear is for good thoughts and the right for spite. Anyone else hear this or something like this?

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  1. Ahtna

    I’ve heard that when you rhyme without meaning to (eg I have to go to work. Do I take the bike or a hike?) that if you could the words/syllables (people don’t seem to agree on that, you will get the initial of a person who is thinking of you (in a romantic way)

    But I heard it when I was 13 yeard old, so I don’t know if there is any truth in it.

  2. ColdFusion

    I always liked the anime version, where someone talking about you makes you sneeze.. I need to tell people to stop talking about me. My allergies are bad enough.

  3. Lars

    I like the ice cream sandwich in a toaster idea! Really a bad cook!

    PS It took me forever to figure out that it was Poomhuckle talking. I thought it was the Wyrm!

  4. admin

    Ahtna – I’ve never heard of that before. Neat!

    ColdFusion – I never heard that either. Babies sneeze all the time to get snot from their noses, so maybe they’re also being talked about all the time to. People do love to talk about babies.

    Lars – Yeah, it was a tricky thing to get all the word balloons and staging right. I actually redrew the first couple panels because they weren’t reading well either.

  5. PhilosopherZurg

    Does anyone else say ‘You’re a poet and you don’t know it!’ when someone accidentally rhymes?

  6. admin

    Zurg – yes!

  7. Anonymous

    The Japanese saying is roughly; if you sneeze once someone’s talking bad about you, twice and they’re talking good, three times you’ve got a cold. =D

  8. Steve

    Also, the movie version, that if someone says something about you, at the exact same time you will be saying the opposite and/or doing something to prove it.