Rock Ness Mess part 13
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September 4th, 2011

Rock Ness Mess part 13

When I showed this to one of my friends he said “Wow, that’s a real Ray Romano-style joke, right there, grandpa!” That was good because when he was reading the rest of the storyline he found a different sort of humour in many of the strips. It’s nice that I seem to be hitting a few different notes. Also, about automated phone services: I read an article a few years ago about an start-up company that had three employees but sprung for a long, convoluted, voice message system that you’d have to navigate before they’d speak to you. This gave the impression to prospective clients that they were a huge company who was worthy of their huge accounts. It worked like gangbusters and they soon had lots of money and lots more employees. Looking like a bloated company, more concerned with their own time management than yours, got them the great contracts. Ha!

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  1. Golux


    Now I’ve got that song going through my head, “Fish heads, fish heads, roly-poly fish heads…”

  2. admin

    Golux – that would be a great song to have while on hold. A lot better than Kenny G-esque music I usually get anyway.

  3. sirbacon

    This reminds me, I thought up a pun the other day that sounds like a creature from this comic: “bear-acuda”.

  4. Scarodactyl

    I love the delayed delivery on the Minnowtar name.
    Here’s a philosophical question: is a minotaur + a rhino a rhinotaur or a minocerous?

  5. admin

    Sir Bacon – I did use Bear-acuda a while back, easily enough forgotten.

    Scarodactyl – I don’t know enough about the word origins to solve that. What part of the minotaur is the bull? A centaur is part man/part horse. Does mino mean bull then? Also, does it have the bull or the rhino head? Whichever should maybe go first?

  6. sirbacon

    @admin, ah, sorry. It’s a little hard to keep track of all of them.

  7. The Blonde One

    Does that skull have antlers or is it just fire? I hope it’s antlers 😀
    I also hope that the 70’s guy shows up randomly in this. This creepy cave like place looks like somewhere he’d turn up.
    By the way. I kind of love your comics. I went back in time and have now read them all 😀

  8. admin

    Blonde One – I was thinking antlers, but you never know with evil tiaras, they might just be playing a trick.

  9. Lars

    To jump on the etymology q’s — minotaur means literally “bull (tauros) of [king] Minos”, while rhinoceros is of course ‘nose-horn’. So minoceros would mean Horn of Minos, while rhinotaur would mean nose-bull.
    How about cerotaur?

    As for centaur, its etymology is considered ‘obscure’. There may be some connection to bulls (‘taur’).

  10. admin

    Lars – thanks for sharing a lot of bull with us. 😉

  11. Tamfang

    The Minotaur was supposed to eat the human sacrifices, right? With what, bull teeth? I imagine he’d kill for a plain bale of hay.

  12. Aethermancer Omega

    Look through the archives, and you’ll see I posted a comment on the Minotaur’s teeth. He’s not just a bull/human hybrid, he’s a full monster, monstery teeth and everything.

  13. Steve

    He is also kind of a bull-y.