Rock Ness Mess part 12
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August 28th, 2011

Rock Ness Mess part 12

I’ve used Poomhuckle as a non-player character in my Dungeons and Dragons adventures. He does give back some loot, but this bag of holding is particular about what he eats. It allows me as the DM to do a lot of good things. 1. I can let the players forget about the troublesome encumbrance rules. 2. I have a voice in the party if I need to drop a clue and they’re otherwise alone. 3. There’s a recurring character for gags and who knows the party’s continuity and quests. 4. It allows a low-level party to have a high-level item without being unbalanced. Feel free to drop him in your own campaigns if you also think he’ll help.

10 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Unreasonable Action

    I have missed that guy, but my character and he did not get along so well; he choose the most inconvenient times to be possessive…a Bag of Withholding!

  2. Garrick

    And this is why you always threaten talking treasure until it explains the catch. 🙂
    One campaign my sister ran had an earth spirit NPC known as Gollum Five. It went to great difficulty not to help us, deliberately put us in danger, and had an annoying way of speaking to boot. To this day, we all freak out if she pulls out the pog she used to represent it.

  3. admin

    Unreasonable A – the latest group has a love hate relationship too. He worships a god who is a bag of holding so big he holds the universe.

    Garrick – Threaten it with what? None of my PCs were ever powerful enough to destroy a talking magic item.

  4. Poomhuckle Lover

    I have no hate for the bag – only love. So much love.

  5. Evan

    Could Poomhuckle’s god create a gem so big, even He couldn’t eat it?

  6. admin

    PL – He keeps but he also gives!

    Evan – No, he is not the creator of all things, he is only the container of all things created.

  7. Ribusprissin

    Is the baggod part of the universe?

  8. admin

    Ribuprissin – Poomhuckle tells me that his god is the edge of the universe, as dusk is to day, as the shore is to the sea.

  9. Dochunter

    It’s HOARD not HORDE. Horde of goblins, hoard of treasures.

  10. Tamfang

    Maybe it’s a horde of goblins that were turned into coins?