Rock Ness Mess part 15
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September 18th, 2011

Rock Ness Mess part 15

For Roger’s adventure I wanted to see if I could include most of the roguish things he’d be good at. So far I got in bargaining, running, pick pocketing, balancing, climbing, smoke bomb distractions, sneaking, eavesdropping, identity theft, scoping things out, avoiding traps, fighting, impersonating, lock picking, stealing, hitting someone from behind, using special items and now acrobatics. I feel like I’ve covered the basics. Maybe I won’t have to rush back to Roger as a main character for a while. It’s been fun to try out a hero that isn’t the princesses.

3 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Ribusprissin

    What if, the next time the princesses have a pet competition, there’s someone judging it?

  2. admin

    Ribuprissin – Don’t you realize? YOU are the judge! 🙂

  3. Steve

    Why does Ribu get to judge? What’s so special about him?
    No offense.