Rock Ness Mess part 9
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August 7th, 2011

Rock Ness Mess part 9

Putting valuable looking loot in a highly visible place (but trapped) is a staple of adventuring stories. Especially D&D and Fighting Fantasy. I guess it’s all about appealing to people’s greed instead of logic. “Why would there be unguarded loot here? I guess they can’t afford to hire a lot of guards and it’s mine for the taking!” I feel like Roger isn’t so insightful, he’s just been around the block once or twice. He’s aware of adventuring tropes, as well as trip ropes.

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  1. Ribusprissin

    I wonder what Roger’s story is. Maybe he triggered a magical trap which turned him into a bird?

  2. mdf

    If this was a Fighting Fantasy that had been written by Ian Livingstone, Roger would have to have a certain item on him to survive at least one of those.

    But what am I saying? He knows adventuring tropes, so he’s already aware of that!

    I guess I’m just bitter — I got nailed by that particular device in FF books more than once. 😀

  3. admin

    Ribu – near the end of the Roger’s journey I do mention what type of creature he is.

    MDF – He might have had a certain item… if he’s been through the dungeon twelve times already. His needle in haystacks were so hard to find. Also, you’re right FF tropes did sometimes go back on themselves. They’d punish you for falling for the obvious trap by automatically killing you in one room, and then give you a similar trap you had to test you luck out of to get the magic gem to finish the book with. They were very inconsistent.