Rock Ness Mess part 1
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June 12th, 2011

Rock Ness Mess part 1

I’ve finally given names to the King and Queen! Woot! Historic! While most of you probably know that Chrysanthemums are flowers, some of you might not know that Carnelian is type of rock. It goes with the old poetic description of a relationship of a leaf and a rock, so that one partner is free and spirited while the other is grounded and reasonable. Of course in every relationship that dynamic switches back and forth so that one isn’t always the carnelian or the chrysanthemum. I can’t say why I chose Carnelian specifically, I just liked the rhythm and sound of it. Maybe I’ll retcon the series so that he’s always been in red instead of purple. 😛 More about this new story line next week!

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Ribusprissin

    Good names. Don’t worry about the color – purple is royalty, and he probably doesn’t like red all that much after spending his childhood surrounded by it.

  2. admin

    Ribuprissin – How did you know he grew up in a red castle? It was made of Legos.

  3. Golux

    Carnelian – we go over to the coast after major storms to collect wave polished agate and carnelian out of the sand. They can be found in various beaches along the Southern Oregon coast. Every so often you can find jasper and nephrite jade as well.

    Sizable payment up front = giant iced doughnut with sprinkles. Roger’s services are pretty easy to buy, but he’d better get it eaten up before it goes stale.

    And “Sparkly Tiara of Vile Calamity”, does the vile calamity fall on the possessor or the tiara or those the possessor wishes calamity upon? I’m thinking I’d want it as much as the Hope Diamond, ie much distance between me and it.

  4. admin

    Golux – You’re on the Carnelian Coast? Cool. You’ll have to wait to see what the tiara does. Getting there is most of the fun.

  5. The Blonde One

    Ah, Rodger and his doughnuts 😀

  6. Scarodactyl

    MewTwo Tentacrool Aerodactyl.

    (darn it, that happens every time I think about the stone! and I’m a rock nerd, so I should have other associations…)