Rock Ness Mess part 2
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June 19th, 2011

Rock Ness Mess part 2

So I decided I wanted to do a little run with a more elusive, roguish character and Roger seemed the perfect candidate. I also wanted to do some underground cavernous backgrounds. During our trip to Mexico last year my wife and I swam around some flooded underground caves. It looked pretty awesome – much awesomer than I draw it. It was the first time I had explored the underdark like that and I guess it inspired me to visit the sorts of places my Dungeons and Dragons characters have been taken with a Princess Planet character. I hope you enjoy this little series of subterranean silliness. Any spelunkers in the house?

9 Awesomes Comments!

  1. mdf

    Got a D&D vibe, definitely. Not just of the Underdark. As soon as I saw the strip, I thought “Oh great, — piercers.” 😉

  2. Hoppy

    No spelunking for me! I get claustrophobic. I’m much more of an outdoor ‘Ranger’-type guy.

  3. admin

    mdf – Yeah, but they’re FOOT piercers. I never saw those in D&D. 🙂

    Hoppy – I hope your life’s DM doesn’t railroad you into the underground.

  4. Hoppy

    My Life DM is pretty darn cool about that. He’s made the whole world into one of those ‘open-sandbox’ dungeons. I can go anywhere, do anything, and he’ll just show me what I see. His riddles get pretty tough, tho… like his “Meaning of Life” riddle… took me decades to figure that one out! 😀

  5. admin

    Hoppy – Awesome! Let’s hope the chimera, sphinx and other cats don’t soil the sandbox. 😛

  6. Tamfang

    Underground caves? Too obvious.

  7. admin

    Tamfang – You’re right! D’oh! I should have made cloud caves! I’ll save that for another strip.

  8. Lars

    I like the stalagmite/lagtime almost-anagram. Make it complete with “sat” or something…

    Also, Stalagmite could be Marmite eaten (or made) by residents of a Stalag.

  9. admin

    Lars – it mite be!