Army Jokes
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June 5th, 2011

Army Jokes

This was my contribution to the TCAF comic book this year. Lately, I have been drawing unicorns with the horns on different head spaces and this strip gave me the perfect opportunity to show one off. I’ve got another silly one coming up in a few months. I also decided to go with the more classic idea of a unicorn that was part lion as well. Speaking of unicorns, for the Science course I took this past year we had to finish the unfinished CS Lewis story The Dark Tower. It is about a parallel world with a thorn-foreheaded man who’s called The Unicorn. It was fun to try to bring the story to a satisfying conclusion while mimicking Lewis’ voice. I hadn’t read Lewis since I was an elementary school kid but he gets mentioned frequently on the RPG podcast, Fear The Boot. Lewis is their go-to reference for a storyteller who suggests rather than describes. For instance he’d say “There was turkey and gravy and the things you’d expect to see at a Christmas dinner” which would allow the reader to apply their own warm family traditions to the table rather than confronting something potentially jarring (He wrote Christian fiction but I guess for some people even the idea of Christmas dinner can be jarring – but hopefully you get the point). It’s a fun podcast if you like RPGs and the theory behind a successful game. I’ve been using some of their ideas with my latest group of D&D players and it’s really helped. Any of you readers play tabletop RPGs?

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  1. Michael

    Fear the Boot is great. I’ve been listening for over a year or more now, even though I only really get a chance to play online (RPoL, play by post). They are full of great ideas for all kinds of roleplaying.

  2. Hoppy

    Never really got into the Lewis stuff. Read some and it IS good, but I was more influenced by books like The Lord of the Rings, the Silmarillion, the Shanarra series and so many others I can’t recall them.

    Been a LONG time RPG’er, but for most of it, I was a “Roll” player (Throw some dice, hey, I win!) until I met a GM that taught me the fun of “Role” playing, (as in, trying to act the part.) So many never learn the difference.

  3. admin

    Michael – I hope your RPoL are FTB compliant.

    Hoppy – I read Lewis and Lloyd Alexander in school. Weirdly, it was Robert Asprin’ Myth series that really hooked me, even though I didn’t know what they were parodying.

  4. jonmcnally

    I didn’t read Alexander until this year and I’m loving the series. (Why can’t all books be under 200 pages?)

    With Great Power… is the RPG I’ve played most recently and it’s a hoot (too bad it’s out of print). I love how the game pushes the players to define and then to risk what’s really important to their respective characters.

  5. admin

    Jon – There are books over 200 pages? Holy bananas! I’ve never played WGP. Sounds good. I tried Marvel Super Heroes when I was a kid but no group ever approached the game with a real intent to do anything other than be a goofball and we never could get an actual game off the ground.

  6. das

    I mostly read Roger Zelazny. 😛 Though Lewis actually had his place as well. Before high school, though.

  7. Steve

    I have been trying for a while to find a D&D group or something, but no luck so far. And what does Michael’s RPoL have to do with Fluffy Teddy Bears?