TCAF 2010

The Toronto Comic’s Art Festival lived up to its reputation of putting together some of the best and most passionate small press and webcomic talents together in a fantastic space. The audience was a great mix of young, middle and old, male and female, comics fans and curiousity seekers, robots and astro-goblins. This is the room we made into the TX Comics home. I don’t know if the three girls in black and white stripes were together or if horizontal pin stripes are the new black.

I overheard an equal amount of “Why do I have to be the unicorn?” and “Awesome! I want to be the unicorn!!!”

I drew more hideous caricatures.

Yup, I reused the ol’ lightning teeth gag.

You can click the one below to see it proper sized.

Thanks to everyone who said hi, bought prints or just came out and supported TCAF. This convention was also the launch of the Abominable Charles Christopher book and it looks amazing. If you like super well drawn animal cartoons, you should pick one up. Karl Kerschl put a lot of love into the book.

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  1. Daniel

    Man you cartoonists are so popular with the ladies!

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