TCAF – This Weekend!

Me and my TX Comics cronies will be at the Toronto Reference Library for the Toronto Comics Art Festival (TCAF). It is a FREE comic event with lots of great cartoonists and one of the most fun shows I go to. If you’re in the neighbourhood swing by to say hello! I’ll have prints and drawings for sale and be launching my new webcomic. It’s not an all ages comic so I won’t be talking about it here other than to say that. This is a kid friendly zone. If you can’t make it by, you can check out the banner link on the left side of the screen to buy one of the 11 prints I made for your walls. If you’re a fan who shows up, you will get a free quick sketch of your favourite character… if I can still remember how to draw them.

May 8th and 9th 2010
@ Toronto Reference Library
789 Yonge St., Toronto, Canada

3 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Daniel

    Oh man, that skullossus pic is just dripping with awesome.

    You should probably get it a bed pan.

    Why do you TX guys have to keep come out with such amazing art to lure my poor monies away from me?

  2. ColdFusion

    It’s too bad there’s no equivalent to laughter for seeing something profoundly awesome. I’d be doing that all on the floor out loud right now.

    Yknow, I’m really getting sick of “oh someone think of the children” preventing me from seeing things I want to see.

  3. admin

    Thanks Daniel and ColdFusion!