Celebrity Mashups

Moving on from Disney/Marvel mashups I thought I’d do some celebrity ones.

I think this one works for me because, thanks to Nightmare Before Christmas, I can picture Tim Burton making a Sesame Street movie with the Count and other adorable, misunderstood monsters. Blend that with Mars attacks via the Yip-Yip-Yip-Yip aliens and you’ve got a sure fire Burton-esque winner.

I only became familiar with Cory Doctorow last year thanks to Ontario public television’s The Agenda. Since then I’ve enjoyed tracking down his lectures on YouTube and his book of young adult sci-fi Little Brother. It brought back all the excitement I had reading Neuromancer for the first time. If you don’t get the gag, it’s based on Cory’s work with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization that tries to make the internet accessable to all and fix some of the failing copyright laws that don’t allow fair use. Also you need to know Doctor No which was a great book and a solid James Bond movie. Although I think it’s ridiculous that at one point the bad guy, Doctor No, asks James Bond to join his organization and James Bond refuses to betray his queen and country. It makes me think Bond doesn’t know what a spy does. A spy’s response to his enemy saying “I want you to help me with my evil plans” should be “Where do I sign up? Do you want me to know your secret access codes and plans? I’m totally up for that too!”. That parts not in the book. However, in the book Dr. No is killed by being buried alive in bird poop. Seriously.

Could you imagine the money that would be created by the merging of the merchandising power of Star Wars and the Kiss Army? I guess Kiss hasn’t had it’s second wind like Star Wars has, or there would be Kiss Lego video games. Even if they’re getting to old, they should do a reality TV show (Gene Simmons knows how) where they put together a new Kiss band to take their place, like the Dread Pirate Roberts. Kiss: The Next Gerenration would create new Kiss Warriors with different face makeup. Instead of the Demon and Star Child, they’ll be things like the Robot Dinosaur and the Tarantula Dracula.

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