Disney Avengers

After drawing Disney Captain America and the medieval Modok’s Hulk troll, I decided I wanted to draw a bunch of the Marvel Avengers the way I did the X-Men. Click on the image to see it large.

4 Awesomes Comments!

  1. kir

    I love everything about this Brian, but i think Hawkman tops them all. go kenku!

  2. admin

    Kir – I’m sure you meant Hawkeye. Like from MASH. He totally is Kenku, good call!

  3. ColdFusion

    Very cool! Interesting choice, if I interpret properly, making the Vision into a knight and Iron Man into a jolly steampunk robot, instead of t’other way ’round 🙂

  4. admin

    Cold Fusion – yup. I thought of Vision as an ambassador warrior of another race in the fantasy kingdom.