Halloween Costume

I got a fun email a little while ago that said

Hi Brian,

I’m a big fan of The Princess Planet, and webcomics in general. In
fact, my super power is “Webcomic Themed Halloween Costumes That
Nobody Gets.” I usually coordinate them with a more normal costume
worn by somebody else. This year, my daughter (1-1/2 years old) went
to a party dressed as a princess, so of course I went as Bad
Boyfriend. Sadly, nobody got it. I hope you enjoy the attached pic,
and please keep up the great work.

Your fan, #12

Bad Boyfriend hasn’t been around in a while, so click here to remember him. Thanks again to #12 for thinking of The Princess Planet on Halloween and sending the photo over for me to share. He has an adorable princess and some cute ghosts in the house too.