Writer's Blockhead
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February 7th, 2010

Writer's Blockhead

I came up with Dr. Agony after I came up with Dr. Acula which I was totally late in the game coming up with. It was mentioned as a rejected screenplay in the Ed Wood movie and Mitch Hedberg had a joke about it too. I hope I don’t find out Dr. Agony was in one of Tim Burton’s other movies. After Sleepy Hollow I’ve given up on Burton. Maybe I had too many goth friends in college and I feel over exposed to that esthetic? Or maybe it’s his retelling of the same story of a misundestood outsider? Or maybe it’s his movies insulting my intelligence? (Although I have the opposite problem with a lot of Alan Moore: him assuming I’m way smarter than I am 😛 ). I think the only one I could watch again is BettleJuice.

More importantly, I’m glad I decided to redecorate Christi’s room as purple. My studio’s walls are purple and I find it a nice mixture of calming and energizing.

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  1. River

    “To begin, draw an Ess. … Next, we’ll draw a more different Ess.” –My first thought before the pun set in.

  2. Ribusprissin

    Christi lives in a dungeon? Is this in her parents’ castle? And what ever happened to her two servants?

  3. admin

    River – Strongbad is good company to be in! I love that cartoon a fire-breathing monstertruck-load.

    Ribuprissin – It’s a purple stone room in her parent’s castle. You don’t get computers and curtains and lamps in a dungeon. Just chain, portculis and slime. Her servants are still in another wing working on the latest magazines, Eleventeen, Cosmospolitan and Owl (because everyone should have a subscription to Owl!)

  4. fireinthedust

    Owl is the bomb, but why the hate on sleepy hollow? I would’ve thought you’d be all over D&D style adventure (albeit more Ravenloft-y, mid-90s type stuff).

    Also: Count Chalkula, the teacher vampire? He turns people into outlines!

  5. The Dread Pirate Neck Beard

    I know this is set in ancient space times, so is she using a NeXT or an Amiga?

    Oh, & a tiny bit of trivia: Akula (акула) is Russian for shark.

    (also, last week’s story about metal-head murals was a riot, but I only saw it to-day)

  6. Pilot

    I love her ancient computer.

  7. admin

    Fire in the Dust – It was the terrible formulaic “we found evil symbols, she’s an evil witch” knee jerk stuff. Just boring. It’s like Wolf. It’s only a surprise if you’ve never seen a werewolf/witch movie before in your life. But Count Chalkula is hilarious! High fives!

    Dread Pirate Neck Beard – I think it’s something crossed between an Intellivision, a Texas Instruments, a Speak and Spell and top of line LCD. Akula reminds me of Akuma/Kuma, my favourite two in Tekken: Devil/Bear

    Pilot – her ancient computer is blushing

  8. strudle

    DRAGONY and his stalwart sidekick, DRESS.

  9. The Blonde One

    You should do a Mr. E

  10. das

    Re: Dracula. Acula is Russian for “shark”! So it has that going for it.

  11. das

    …Wait, that was already mentioned here. How do I read words again? I seem to have forgotten.

  12. Steve

    The Blonde One: As in “Mystery”, or “MRE”? Although I suppose there is a lot of mystery in what goes into an MRE.