Intramural Beauty Contest
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January 31st, 2010

Intramural Beauty Contest

Our high school walls were painted with murals by students from years gone by. When I was in my 2nd last year there I proposed a painting that the principal approved, providing I make a few changes. So during art class time, with my friends help, I started painting on the wall. Then I find out the prinicpal meant I had to make the changes on the rough and resumbit them for approval. I couldn’t just paint it, taking out the couple of things that I had to remove. At this stage in my life I was totally not into redoing my painted rough (which took a long time and was pretty hard) for a few minor changes. If my principal didn’t trust me, forget it. We ended up just painting over the wall with the same beigey yellow that lined the rest of that lesser used hall. My mural concept was of an environmental scene with people cutting down trees and a smokestack spewing skull clouds and really heavy handed imagery that a teenaged metal head would come up with. Unfortunately we were covering up a previous mural that had been left unfinished for years before hand. Somehow the students had been allowed to start the cover of Judas Priest’s Turbo album cover. I wonder if there are any murals left in my old high school?

5 Awesomes Comments!

  1. KNO3

    To avoid getting wrinkles in clothing… don’t wear any…

  2. Sock Puppet

    oh cmon, that gets approved? *grumbles about the comparative importance of clothing and hydrostats*

  3. Fat Sweaty

    Wally Crouter for president!!

  4. Alice Quinn

    my friends did a mural in their high school about biology
    Somehow they got a sea of little sperm & the chemical compound for meth up there
    it was pretty funny to see in a preppy jew school

  5. Steve

    Alice: The more innocent and pure the leaders are, the more you can get away with just because they don’t get the joke.