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January 24th, 2010


The problem with these pets is that you’d need an orange to pet any of them. Wait. Did I say orange? I meant scuba gear.

Who do you guys think would win a fight between a wolvermarine, bear-acuda and an electric seal?

17 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Hawk

    The Seal, totally. Unless the bear has enough insulating blubber to protect itself from the electricity. But if the Wolvermarine finishes earing the bear-acuda in the 5th panel first, the seal’d totally come out on top.

  2. KNO3

    Q: Who do you guys think would win a fight between a wolvermarine, bear-acude and an electric seal?
    A: Lunch wagon!

  3. RavenBlack

    The orange running-joke should have been in the comic, even though I know you like each one to be standalone.

  4. ColdFusion

    Krakenoceros could take ’em all on ;0 its only enemy is the .. velociraptorca.. or the elusive tyrannoseagull..

  5. Nick Daniel

    Bear-acuda, it’s got the size advantage.

  6. Golux

    The world needs more Hamtsterhead sharks…

  7. shaeffer

    That’s like…. who would win a fight between Wolverine, Beast, and Gambit? I’m voting for the electric seal!

  8. Daniel

    I also cast in my lots for the electric seal.

  9. admin

    I’m intrigued by the number of people who are saying seal. I should look up how deadly/mildly irritating the shock of an electric eel is.

    Hawk – I should have been more specific. I meant in a new match where the Wolvermarine hadn’t already struck the first blow.

    KNO3 – Lunch wagon? Are you suggesting we eat the winner and the leftovers? Sealshi, bearbacue and wolvertine? Man, I’m stretching those thin.

    RavenBlack – You are right. This might have been written before I finished the Squidragon quest and I didn’t think to tweak it until later. The joke should be in there as an absurd aside for anyone who hasn’t read the other strip.

    ColdFusion – I was watching QI today and discovered seaguls don’t actually fly over the sea. They stick to the coasts and mostly hang out on land. Also, I’m picturing a ferocious seagul with tiny little wings at the front.

    Golux – I’d feel a lot safer snorkeling if it was the case.

    Shaeffer – So you’re picking Gambit?

  10. Lars

    Maybe the hamsterhead shark would beat them all… does he have Sharp Pointy Teeth?

  11. Lars

    Oops, I meant Nasty, Pointy Teeth.
    I’m getting old…

  12. Teddy

    Personally I would stick with the wolvermarine
    like honestly speed wins every time……. especially in water

  13. deepbeep

    Wolvermarine, for sure. What Teddy said — and, those things are ferocious!

  14. Sam

    i think the bearacuda would win although a megamanatee could beat them all.

  15. Alice Quinn

    my vote is for the bearacuda !
    we can even name him lucky & give him a number & then we shall all place bets

  16. hyrral

    Can the Wolvermarine call other fish and have a mutant healing factor? If so, it gets my vote

  17. Steve

    I think the electric seal would win. Wolvermarine may be faster than the seal, but nothing is faster than electricity. It would come as quite a shock if the seal lost.