Solid Goldfish
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January 17th, 2010

Solid Goldfish

My buddy Steve had a good point. Silverfish don’t actually look any grosser than other insects. They just seems creepier because of the way in which they move: super fast and in strange directions. Eugh.

The good thing about diamondfish is that you can’t over or underfeed them. Diamondfish are forever. And as a pet, they can be both a girl’s and man’s best friend!

I thought about having someone with a solid goldfish sunk at the bottom of their tank but that didn’t lead to as funny a punchline.

8 Awesomes Comments!

  1. reynard61

    “Are the Koi?”

    “No, just a little shy.”

    *runs away and hides — carefully avoiding any bodies of water large enough to be thrown into…*

  2. Kris

    Wonder if somewhere is a group of really old diamondfish that have partially turned into graphitefish.

  3. jonmcnally

    Yeah, the silverfish movement style is definitely part of the creep factor. Still, I do think they look extra creepy, like miniaturized prehistoric beasts, crust monsters, etc.

  4. Avery

    Silverfish are so scary! I agree, it is entirely the way they move so quicklike, and they way they disappear into tiny crevices. I find them in my bathroom all the time.

  5. KNO3

    I got a fried fish…

  6. Tamfang

    Troy McClure’s favorite poem is “To his Koi Mistress”.

  7. admin

    Kris – And coal fish being peer pressuered into becoming dimaondfish!

    Tamfang – Marvel-ous pun!

  8. Steve

    Someone should have had a uranium fish, or some other kind of fish-in-a-bowl material. Unfortunately, that one sounds way better out loud.