Squidragon Quest part 13
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January 10th, 2010

Squidragon Quest part 13

Orange you glad I made this joke? I think I’m going to have to have Christi and Patricia and Boo go on an adventure together at some point, but next week we’ll be back to non-narrative gags. Perhaps one about comparing pets?

14 Awesomes Comments!

  1. ilan

    Please do. You are my monster mashup king.

  2. RavenBlack

    But the comparing thing is not about saying how they’re similar, it’s about saying which one is better.
    (For reference, oranges are better than apples, scuba gear is better than oranges, and apples are better than scuba gear. It’s a rock-scissors-paper variant.)

  3. The Dread Pirate Neck Beard

    Dear Brian,

    Science agrees with Patricia:

    P.S. Your pet puns are terrific.

  4. admin

    Ilan – I think you’re in luck!

    Raven Black – Better at what?

    I wonder which came first the term “apples to oranges” or “apples to apples comparison”

    Neck BeaRRRRd – Hooray science! And thanks!

  5. KNO3

    They both make interesting projectiles (to me anyway)
    They are both edible…
    Both can be found in supermarkets…
    Both are easily destroyed by nuclear weapons…
    Both are made up of matter…
    Both can be swallowed by black holes…

  6. admin

    KNO3 – you’re not talking about scuba gear and apples are you? You shouldn’t eat Scuba gear or you’ll end up like Yaphet Kotto in Live and Let Die.

  7. KNO3

    The older iron tank scuba gear is edible. You just gotta process it first. Turn it into rust and use it to enrich the soil. Then eat the plants that absorb the iron. Burn the rubber and use the CO2 to grow plants.

    Scuba gear and apples? Can do.
    They both make interesting projectiles (to me anyway)
    Both are easily destroyed by nuclear weapons…
    Both are made up of matter…
    Both can be swallowed by black holes…
    Both can be used as counterweight in trebuchets.
    Both are not legal punkin’ chunkin’ ammunition…

  8. RavenBlack

    Well, “better at what?” is also kind of the point of the “comparing apples and oranges” complaint. Apples are better at not having to be peeled, while oranges are better at not having an unpleasant core.

    On a related note, I recommend the boardgame “Apples to Apples”, though I feel obliged to point out that it is not, in truth, a boardgame, as it has no board.

  9. admin

    Ugh, I found Apples to Apples so frustrating. I think I mentioned this before in a post. I felt so limited by my choices. I prefer Balderdash where you can go hog wild in your definitions/connections.

  10. KNO3

    Isn’t Balderdash a small planet in the Vanguard Reaches?

  11. admin

    Balderdash is an 1800s remedy for hair loss. Anyone else?

  12. USB

    A shaved hyphen?

  13. Anonymous

    Balderdash is an old German remedy for rug burn.

  14. Steve

    USB: It doesn’t need to be shaved, just have less hair that the other hyphens.
    No good writer ever uses hyphens because they try to avoid using flat characters.