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February 14th, 2010


Sitting around at lunch with the guys one day, Darwyn tells us about this character he wants to do that has a cyberpunk brain implant that was totally cutting edge at the time but has become totally outdated and useless. I thought it sounded wicked. He finally appeared in one of his books, the first of Dar’s run on The Spirit. Unfortunately Chang died in the first issue too, and Darwyn didn’t really get to explore him as a character. Cyberclops as a name was something I came up with a long time ago and now I mashed it up with one of his ideas. I hope he doesn’t sue.

Speaking of cyborg cops, Cameron has a great character he likes to draw called Rob O’Cop, the Irish police cyborg gone undercover to take out the Irish mob. If you see him at a con, ask him for a sketch of that instead of Catwoman. 🙂

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  1. RavenBlack


  2. Garrick

    I love the construction “technolo-genies” far, far more than is healthy. I also love the little bird and badge graphics being displayed on Cyberclop’s chest as if he were one of those new light-up church signs, or possibly has a Lite-Brite attachment, for reasons unknown to us. There are just so many little details in this strip that make it fun.

  3. KNO3

    You are only as good as your last upgrade…

  4. admin

    Raven Black – You haven’t heard of macromé? Or you’re just amazed Cyberclops is into it?

    Garrick – Thanks! Now I’m picturing it as a Lite Brite that can shoot the pellets out as missiles.

    KNO3 – Uh, oh. Do I need to make Priness Planet 2.0? Are there known bugs?

  5. RavenBlack

    I google macrome in case it is something, google asks “did you mean macrame?” (Which coincidentally is also what I was asking!)

    Macrome could be the art of tying Flash animations together.

  6. admin

    Oh, I mis-spelled! I am not a good caster.

  7. RavenBlack

    … Or macrame involving macaroni.

  8. Mouse

    Ma’chrome’… Chrome knots for nifty cops! What cyberclops wouldn’t adore hand-made, chromed-out bling?

  9. Tamfang

    The genome is the full set of genes, the macrome is the full set of macros.

  10. admin

    I’m glad you’re all coming up with great jokes to explain my error. This is fun!

  11. Steve

    I think he’s been studying the apple computers in the capital of Italy.