Squidragon Quest part 10
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December 20th, 2009

Squidragon Quest part 10

The rule that you can’t where white after Labour Day perplexes me greatly. First of all, like feeding Mugwai after midnight, the rule doesn’t state when it’s safe to break the rule again. It’s always after labour day. Plus, wearing white in winter seems like good camel floss. You could hide in the snow so much better. Is it gauche to mimc snowshoe hares and arctic foxes and polar bears and snowy owls and other white coated critters?

The whole thing makes me want to make up my own stupid rules. Like you can’t wear green after St. Patrick’s Day. Sorry Earth Day, no green for you! And you can’t drive a white car after Labour Day either. Especially with black tires. They totally don’t match. Also: you can’t wear your hair in a bun after Secretary’s Day. Plus no more beards after the playoffs! These are my new fashion rules! Disobey them at your peril!

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  1. Cadbury Egg

    Actually, the full rule is “no white after Labor Day and before Memorial Day,” ie only wear white in the summertime.

  2. admin

    Oh. We don’t have Memorial Day in Canada, maybe that’s why it’s omitted from common speech. We have the May 2-4 Weekend (aka Victoria Day on the 24th) but it’s not quite the same.

  3. Golux

    Black is fashionable, here let me give you a pair of black eyes… Go Girl!

  4. Lars

    “Rats.” 🙂
    The squid is vanquished by her clever comeback.

    And as we all know squid have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom, so there is plenty to fashionable up.

  5. admin

    Lars, the struggle is not quite over! Are you talking about the giant squid marine biologists have yet to find a proper specimen of?

  6. Lars

    I was thinking of the colossal squid — is that the one you’re thinking of? http://squid.tepapa.govt.nz/anatomy/article/the-eye-of-the-colossal-squid
    The colossal squid is incredible… its tentacles have rotating hooks, non-rotating hooks, and toothed suckers!
    And now I just read that they actually have light-producing organs on their eyes, like headlights! Isn’t that amazing?

    On another note… what is the Squidragon holding in its tail, panel 1?

  7. admin

    Yes! I believe they have never caught alive colossal squid. It is an awesome animal that does wonders to inspire more Cthulu mythos!

    Squidragon is holding his rotten apple powered weather control device.

  8. Lars

    Aaaahh! and here I thought the second half of part 9 was a non-sequitur. Now I get it!

  9. Varkarrus

    I’m finally caught up.

  10. admin

    Hoorays! Welcome to the club Varkarrus!

  11. KNO3

    And some dyes when washed becomes a very nice violet. Ooo. Dyes are big money!

  12. Steve

    KNO3- That wouldn’t fit at all. Christi is the one with the violet temperament.