Mockery of Spell Check
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May 31st, 2009

Mockery of Spell Check

This strip materialized when I realized that the stupid suggestions I get from my spell check hit the same pet peeve button as when my friends harp on a slurring of words or brain hiccup with my vocabulary. defines pendantic as “overly concerned with minute details or formalisms, esp. in teaching.” Well acutally, it has another definition first, which is the kind that always annoys me in dictionaries. It uses another big word to define pendantic. It says “ostentatious in one’s learning.” If you look up ostentatious it again starts with a definition that is filled with 100 dollar words: ” characterized by or given to pretentious or conspicuous show in an attempt to impress others”. I think their definition of ostentatious is ostentatious. Is that the point? Are they trying to be funny?

One time my friend Dave used the word “esoteric” and his mom said “What does that mean?” “Only a few people know about it” “Why are you making it such a secret word? I don’t care how many snobs know about it. Why can’t you just tell me what it means?” Then after much laughing from Dave “No. Esoteric actually means that only a few people know about it.”

And my other favourite word defitintion problem was my buddy Jason was watching his friend talking to his girlfriend on the phone. “No. I am being sincere! I’m totally being sincere! Why don’t you believe I’m being sincere!” and then whispering to Jason “What does sincere mean?”

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  1. Tim

    There’s a Latin phrase “Ignotem per ignotus” (sic) that broadly translates to: “the explanation is more obscure than the thing itself”. You can imagine how the conversation goes when people ask me what the phrase means…

  2. KNO3

    Wow. That’s esoteric.

  3. Hef

    LOL! PeNdantic.

  4. Stanley Lui

    Hef, I think you just fell into his cunning trap.

  5. Hef

    LOL! Cunning tarp!

  6. Bobo

    Not to be concerned with small details or anything, but perhaps you meant to write “pedantic.”

  7. KNO3

    Esoterically cunning warp!

  8. Mary Tee

    Once I was trying to say that all of my parents friends think I am a culturally deprived child and instead of child I typed triangle.
    And I constantly type my friend Kaitlin’s name Kaitling before deleting the g and hitting enter. It’s just the next logical step when it comes to i-n! g!

  9. PhilosopherZurg

    Once, I used the word ‘cumbersome’ in front of a friend who’d never heard of it. She asked me what it meant and I told her ‘cucumberlike’.
    I found out a few weeks later that she believed me!

  10. admin

    Philosopher Zurg, I thought a cumbersome was what you wore around your waist with a tuxedo?

    Mary, It’s good to know that I can tell people I make comics for triangles!

  11. PhilosopherZurg

    Cummerbund- perhaps a cucumber enveloped in bread?