Squidragon Quest part 9
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December 13th, 2009

Squidragon Quest part 9

Magic Potions in video games are always bright colours to seem all that more otherworldly, I think. So when I go to a conveience store drink fridge I often wonder if the Energy Drink and boutique soda people are tapping into that subconscious desire of a generation who grew up on J-RPGS and Diablo etc to drink magic. Is the blue one going to allow me to fly over castle walls? Will the orange one restore my lost hit points? Drink the rainbow and see if you gain some sort of permanent powers! I don’t even like soda or energy drinks but I want to try some of them because it feels like it’s gaining treasure. I just want to grab a sack and fill it up with bright coloured beverages, plastic short swords, bracers, chocolate gold coins and XPs!

10 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Ribusprissin

    they need to sell candy that goes *ding* when you eat it

  2. Ribusprissin

    Also: now we know why he has a face covered in eyes. Well played, sir.

  3. Lars

    Wow, it even regenerated the soldier’s clothes and armor multiple times!

    The soldier’s crest is the shark — does that mean the princess sold potent potions to the enemy?

  4. Lars

    Oh, I guess she sold it to that oracle character.

  5. KNO3

    That means it works on metal. Gold maybe…

  6. admin

    Ribuprissin-If they can make drinks that sound like power-ups that would be great, like those 5 second songs you get when you find treasure in Zelda!

    Lars-Most of the kingdoms are at peace anyway. Despite having a vampire shark for their flag, Binkleberg is actually quite peaceful.

    KNO3-It probably does. It’s not King Midas hasn’t already ruined the economy, even though no one acknowledges it.

  7. Andrew Perron

    Commenting late, but they actually made a “Potion” energy drink when Final Fantasy XII came out.

  8. admin

    No such thing as a late comment, Andrew. People are still leaving me notes about the previous 6 years of strips and I’m still happy to read them. Also, who is They? Jones soda?

  9. Mike

    I’ve seen something similar but not associated with Final Fantasy. I don’t know who makes them, I think they are their own company: http://www.manapotions.com
    They have mana and health though I haven’t tried either of them.

  10. Steve

    A vampire shark? That bites.