Squidragon Quest part 8
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December 6th, 2009

Squidragon Quest part 8

Christi is the ultimate numismatist. I’ve always thought that term sounds like someone who’s going to hypnotise you in the future. New… Mystic… Hypnotism… Mesmorism… they all sort of meld together in my mind like apple potato duck pie.

The horse of a different colour reference wasn’t intentional. Heck, I didn’t even see The Wizard of Oz until I was about 33. After that rainbow I just wanted some colour that looked super awesome and anything realistic was too dull.

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  1. Ribusprissin

    so … why did Patricia want to quest that anyways? If she’s just making back the money, it isn’t for profit, and she didn’t seem to have that much fun.
    Also — numismatists only collect interesting coins. Is “made of gold” really Christi’s threshold of interest?
    Something doesn’t add up here. Other comics would have me suspect deep secrets or elaborate plots, but that isn’t the PP way, afaik…
    Either way, I’m on edge anticipating the denouement.

  2. admin

    Ha. “made of gold” does qualify as interesting to Christi. Patricia usually enjoys quests where she spends money (that’s her power: well planned shopping) but since she’s adventuring with a new partner it’s not the barrel of laughs it normally is for her. Still, I think both of them were equally helpful in completing the quest…. so far. Like buddy cop movies, one’s always more digruntled and both help solve the case.

  3. Golux

    “I still need all the rest to complete my set.”

    Ah Christi things large scale, so she needs the complete output from that particular coin Mint down to the last one. Talk about cornering the currency and contributing to massive deflation.

  4. CatzCradle

    Hahaha, I for one enjoyed this arc~

  5. Daniel

    The Unicorn in the second panel sounds like an ending to an 8-bit video game.

  6. admin

    Golux – Pretty soon they’ll have to go off of the gold standard. Eek!

    CatzCradle – Thanks! We still have another couple of episodes to go though…

    Daniel – So true. “You have won! As your reward you no longer get to play the game. No magic helmet or anything. It’s just over!”

  7. Adam Casalino

    third panel=gold.

  8. admin

    Thanks Adam! Now I know I can throw the 3rd panel at monsters to make them stop attacking me. 🙂

  9. USB

    agreed with Adam

  10. Stephanie Fantastic

    Lol, a unicorn riding a horse. That’s the best. It’s like if we put saddles on monkeys, which would also be awesome.

  11. Emma

    I want that thrid panel on a t-shirt. I don’t even care that I’d get weird looks.