Dollar Bin Beauties

In the summer I picked up a few more doozies from the dollar bins to share with you all…

Not to be confused with Marvel’s Bullseye who would show up a year late, this blue guy with a target on his chest works for the FBI. “The doom skulls of Professor Death”? You can’t beat that kind of ridiculousness!

What is Hulk fighting? Monsters designed by a two year-old? This monster has the lack of coolness and imagination that is also absent in my drawings of cars. This guy must really not like drawing monsters.

I was excited by the egg headed man only to realize he isn’t an egg-head but a whale! Wow! Tobias Whale, who like any good whale-monsterman shoots water at you… from a hose. Not a blowhole, a hose. He’s shooting it so hard that the phone only has 9 buttons. Whoosh!

Seriously, I’ve been enjoying Dagar. It’s well drawn and each issue is a tight little story with a nice hook. Getting a copy of a book onto which some child has drawn a ballpoint pen Van Dyk is to be cherished! CGC has got comic grading all wrong. This one has history. This was Steven Huns’ Dagar! Also awesome: little Dagar in the corner ready to backstab the dragon’s tail like a nasty Great Gazoo.

2 Awesomes Comments!

  1. CatzCradle

    Even though I normally avoid superhero comics, my interest couldn’t help being pique when I saw Man-Stalker.

    I mean, with a title like that, it’s gotta be good right? xD

  2. KNO3

    Doom Skulls of Professor Death! That just kills me.