Christmas Party Carrotcatures

A couple weekends ago, Michael Cho and Steve Manale and I drew pictures for tykes at a bank’s Christmas kid’s party. They hired out a building at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) and filled it with a ferris wheel, a rock climbing wall, go karts, Santa Claus and enough inflated monsters and castles to make their own Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. This is just a small wedge of the hall:

I was hired after one of the bank’s employees saw me at TCAF doing hideous cariactures. I drew him and his whole family and they got a real kick out of it. Unfortunately most of the kids (well, moslty their parents) at this event were not excited to be made into monsters. Fortunately we all still enjoyed the drawings of kids as princesses and super heroes.

Mike doesn’t really do likenesses of kids but drew awesome superheroes for them instead.

Here’s Steve drawing a couple of ladies, which was a nice change from when we had to draw babies who wouldn’t keep still. I think maybe we needed a policy and sign “For ages 1 and up”

We had a long line up most of the time so hopefully we’ll be brought back next year for more fun or for your corporate event.

During the lunch break we found a unicorn that had wandered over from the Princess Planet that looked happily wounded with its legs in the air that wanted us to jump up and down on it’s belly.

And I thought this was weird. Want to find a bathroom from a distance in the big busy hall? Just look for the universal symbol for washroom: two grey squares, one with a smaller blue square, of the same value , inside it. ???