Hanukkah Jones Soda

Last year my wife and I got the previous year’s special edition Hanukkah Jones Sodas and did a taste test.



Not bad. It taste like apples. I said I would have it “a more”. Not more. I mean amore, like love! Not really. It’s just okay.



This was interesting. It somehow tasted exactly like cheap chocolate kids get for Hanukkah gelt or Easter eggs. Despite not having any milk in it, it tasted like milk chocolate too. Super weird. If you like those supermarket-quality chocolates for some reason, you should try this


I guess this is better for my heartburn than sufganiyot. To me, this soda just tasted like cream soda and watermelon. Not particularly strange. Like bubblegum icecream I wonder “which flavour of jelly/bubblegum are we talking?” Luckily it didn’t have anything like the consistency of drinking jelly.


Fried potatoes. I love ’em but this tradition of eating fried foods to celebrate the lasting of the oil is heck on my acid reflux. I saved the weirdest for last. Geughk! This was gross and fizzy. There was no potato flavour. No grease flavour. Just salty and carbonated. It’s naaaaahhhsty! Even sour cream wouldn’t make these latkes taste better. Latke fail!

 Overall: fun but never again, like trying sea cucumber.

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  1. Martine Votvik

    how funny 🙂 I just drank Ã¥ jones soda of the blue bubbelgum variety for the first time 🙂 I livd in nprway and had never heard about jones soda before and then I found this bottle with blue soda in a weird shop. I thought it was super special but I guess this means I just drank the ordinary dull bubbelgum variety… Still I’m glad they didn’t have the latke, I’m too curious, I defidently would have tried it.

  2. Philip

    Seriously? Chocolate coin Hannukah Jones? What’s with that? Granted, I’ve been enjoying those chocolate coins for a few days now but I wouldn’t want to DRINK them!

  3. KNO3

    Cucumber and Lemon Grass sucks as well. Not recommended. Jamaca was a nice flavour though.