Squidragon Quest part 6
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November 22nd, 2009

Squidragon Quest part 6

Did anyone else ever make Cootie Catchers as a kid? I was shown them as a fortune telling device before I learned their real origin as schoolyard illusion. I just checked Wikipedia and it makes no reference to cootie catchers as ways to remove cooties from a kid. Huh? Do people not know that you’d draw little spots on one side of the cootie catcher (where you’d put half of the numbers in the other version) and leave the other side (where the other half of the numbers went) blank. Then you’d pull the cooties from someone’s hair or skin and show them to them, shake them out, show them the empty cootie catcher and then pull more off, showing the speckled paper again.

I used to be able to make a few more things using origami but now it’s the only thing that stick with me. Even my paper airplanes aren’t very aerodynamic. I’d just crumple up the paper and whip it instead. 😛

8 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Hawk

    I only ever made them as fortune-tellers.

    *folds one up now*

  2. Golux

    In our school they started as cootie catchers and as we matured and interest in the opposite sex increased, became fortune tellers.

  3. Nick Daniel

    We only used those things for fortune telling when I was a kid, but we still called them cootie catchers, until now I never really knew shy.

  4. Koko

    I was proud of my cootie catcher. I printed off pictures of bugs, cut them out and pasted them on the cootie side. I think I lost it though, don’t know what happened to it.

  5. admin

    Koko, that’s pretty cool. I’m picturing lots of cool beetles and maybe even silverfish.

  6. j.bone

    Love the blister monster!

  7. KNO3

    Must throw gold at monsters…

  8. Tamfang

    Wah, I’ve forgotten how to make ’em.