Squidragon Quest part 5
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November 15th, 2009

Squidragon Quest part 5

I was never in a band. Instead of learning chords I was learning chairosciero (but not how to spell chiaroscuro). The closest I got to being a rock star was getting pulled up on stage during a The Prodigy concert and dancing on stage in front of a crazy audience. Luckily I had heard that they do this for the encore song No Good (Start the Dance) and my friend was nearby to help me up onto the crowd to get crowd surfed to the front. He was happy enough to see me up on stage that he didn’t even mind my accidental foot to the head. It was a pretty spectacular view and vibe and even from that 1 song’s worth of time I could see how that might mess with your head and ego. I’m not big on the idea of touring anyway, so I’m probably not missing out on the rock star life too much. I should do more comic conventions but my wife has to drag me on vacations (which I totally end up enjoying when I put down the pencil and paper).

My wife had preformed as part of two bands, one being an group that did acapella covers of cheesy dance hits like I Got The Power and  Groove Is In the Heart. There’s a pretty great thriving music scene in Toronto with people making weird bands and doing fun things. Some of my favourites are Final Fantasy, Woodhands, Crystal Castles, Ninja High School, The Rural Alberta Advantage and Tokyo Police Club.

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  1. CatzCradle

    Congrats in being the Top 10 Webcomics article at The Webcomic Overlook! 😀

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