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October 4th, 2009

Emo Dreamboat

Next week I’ll be starting my first Princess Planet spinoff cartoon, Overly-Sensitive Barbarian World! It will star Conancy, Cryzar, Peep of the Whimpering Woods and Boohoo the barbarian ghost. Be there!

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. seregon

    Is that barbarian supposed to resemble Morrissey, or I have been listening to the Smiths too much again

  2. rex queems

    This spinoff sounds hilarious!

  3. StefanG

    1) Great comic…

    B) “Overly-Sensitive Barbarian World!” Love it!

    iii) “Boohoo the Barbarian Ghost” Buahahaha!

  4. Jay Potts

    “Conancy, what is best in life?”
    “Taking the time to evaluate our relationship, cuddling, and *choke* talking about your feelings.”

  5. reynard61

    @ Jay Potts: That. Is. *AWESOME!!!* 😀

  6. Steve

    Was he genre savvy enough to expect that outcome or is he just a lucky idiot.