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September 27th, 2009

Boring Boring

I wasn’t sure what to have Boarlock going on about so I just asked my wife to tell me about something that might have happened at work. She doesn’t like to talk about her job because she thinks she’s going to bore me, but I do like to know because it gives me a better understanding of what her day is like instead of it being some sort of mystery. I’ve never had an office job. Maybe that’s why I don’t get that tv show, The Office. Then again, I’ve never worked in television but I think 30 Rock is the hilarious. If you also like 30 Rock, read this brilliant piece of detective work that explains it’s just a rip off of the Muppet Show.

8 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Ribusprissin

    Seems dressmakers are in short supply on this planet.

  2. Golux

    Oy! You just had to remind me of Monday, oh, wait, they put a bunch of us on part time, so that doesn’t happen till Wednesday. (Sigh of relief)

    Boarlock, presider of staff meetings, spreader of mediocrity.

  3. admin

    Ribuprissin – Yes, they get their dresses from the same shop that sold Charlie Brown his T-shirt. Actually, I’ve got a comic in the works where Princess Patricia gets a black dress, just like Spider-Man or Superman or anyone else who needs to made “cooler”.

    Golux – Sorry to rain on the Sunday Comics feel of the strip. I hope part time at least means you get can use some of that extra time to find a more awesome job.

  4. Requiem

    I *knew* it was contagious!

  5. KNO3

    There is an infinite things to learn and to do, while life is finite. So, run for your life!

  6. milkbagbrother

    brian? like for REAL for real? and, thank you for the zee ‘zza zuggestion (i am an alliteration aficionado, alright?) i will def google that shit and i know it will come in handy. If you ever make yr way here we can hang out together at pizza corner! and eat pizza! after we spend a few hours at the dome! BRIAN!

  7. Tamfang

    I’ve never heard of most of the bands mentioned in “Nothing Nice to Say” and “Questionable Content”, but I tell myself I more-or-less get the music humor on an abstract level. The game humor in <name three webcomics at random> is more accessible even though I’ve never played any similar game.

  8. Steve

    Sort of like how I don’t really have the science, math and otherwise geeky background to get a lot of the jokes on XKCD but still find it funny.