The Daisy Dozens
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September 20th, 2009

The Daisy Dozens

I think this comic is a reaction to momma jokes since my mom’s passed away a few years ago. It’s also inspired by an old In Living Colour sketch called the Wheel of Dozens where contestants told mother jokes based on a certain catagory. While 2 contestants got ones like  “yo mamma so greazy” and “yo momma so fat”, the 3rd one kept getting things like “yo momma so good at math” and was thoroughly stumped.

7 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Jay Potts

    The Anti-Dozens?

  2. admin

    I guess you could play with Aunties instead of Moms. 🙂

  3. KNO3

    That would be anticlimactic.

  4. a

  5. Jay Potts


  6. KNO3

    All right… Have at YE! Your momma’s so hot she can cause global warming!

  7. spas

    just got here from xylia tales and that is too funny – enjoyed the living color ep on youtube now too – 2 points!