Cliffhanger Beginning
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September 13th, 2009

Cliffhanger Beginning

I love the game Balderdash, especially when the subject is movies. There’s a card with the name of a real but obscure movie on it and the players all have to make up a synopsis to fool everyone else into believing there’s is the real one. One person reads them all out, including the real one from the back of the card and then people vote on which one they thick the real one is. More importantly there’s lots of laughing. I like a bunch of esoteric movies and I kept expecting to get a movie title that I’d actually heard of on the card. So far, the only one’s been Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine.  It’s a pretty terrible movie.

If anyone wants to give me a movie title (real or made up) I’ll give you a fake synopsis in the forums.

10 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Rayni

    Hello from an avid fan who almost never comments! I just thought someone should mention that there exists in the silly comic TV show The Tick a villain named Pigleg. There’s a bit more about him here:

  2. Jay Potts

    I got a title for you: “Le Pantalon 3: Twill For the People.” If it’s not real, you’ll wish it was.

    – JEP

  3. Jay Potts

    I’m in a French mood. Plus this fits with your love of puns: “Rochambeau IV: The Rock-ening.”

  4. admin

    Rayni – Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve only seen a couple episodes of the Tick and hadn’t seen Pegleg before. I’ll make sure he doesn’t become a star character where copyright might become sticky. Or I’ll go back to Eggleg.

    Jay – “On the Rue De Saint-Honoré the trendy fashion houses of Paris are once again haunted by a menacing phantom. This time it’s French Revolutionary, Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès who demands sensible clothing for the people and terrorizes the Cannes-tanned trend setters. This Bastille Day prepare for a spectral storm that will make you wet your pants in terror.”

    high fashion declares “vive le revolution” when tailors storm the bastille

  5. admin

    Jay – You posted that other one while I was writing my reply… “In the high stakes world of Professional Rochambeau, Rocky “Scissors” Rocket is the king of the ring. Until he faces a new young turk who turns out to be his long lost son, determined to take down his absentee father with the power of Rock. Soundtrack by AcDc.”

  6. Emma

    attack of the spleen creatures from the beyond. Thinking up B-movie titles is fun

  7. admin

    Emma – When experimenting with a time-space defibrillator Dr. Archon Von Vladimir opened a portal to another world… in his own body. Now his spleen is giving birth to an ever expanding army of spleen-like alien monsters which try to take over the world. Will teenage rock sensation Billy Delinquent be able to stop them in time?

  8. Emma

    Hey, thanks! I wasn’t sure if you’d actually do it.

  9. hyrral

    If you are going to do away with the pig–make him Bacon & EggLeg

  10. Steve

    We should stop egging him on.