Shoemaker Levity 1
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June 7th, 2009

Shoemaker Levity 1

Hoorays for contest winners! The shoemaker is drawn with the likeness of Michael S Daines who turned out to be trickier to draw than I had hoped. My fiance really helped me out identifying what I was bungling in my many prelimiary sketches.

Shoe stores are an anomoly in that they’re one of the few shops that usually won’t let you try on your own clothes.  They want to go get the inventory themselves. I can’t imagine buying a shirt that way. “Do you have this in a  medium?” “I’ll check the back.” (waiting…) “Sorry I only have it in a large. But I do have in a medium in an uglier colour you didn’t ask me to check for. Would you like to try these on?”

4 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Nonie

    To be fair, shoe stores have good reasons for doing things that way–first because plain inventory shelves cost a lot less and take up a lot less room than pretty public display shelves, and second that otherwise a lotta customers would put plenty of shoes back in the wrong box without bothering to check sizes. But your take on this is more fun.

    (By the way, I only discovered you a couple of months ago, but my favorite strips so far are the Sphynx game show host and the tree with body piercings.)

  2. KNO3

    If the shoe fits…

  3. Me

    If you’d rather try them on yourself, try checking out warehouse or outlet type places. I like DSW in NY.

  4. Lars

    Nice title btw!