Grave Danger pt 2
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April 19th, 2009

Grave Danger pt 2

When I was in elementary school two of my classmates and I got to make a construction paper display for the library of a Haunted House. We had made a bunch of tombstones to make a graveyard in the front of the haunted mansion and were labeling them all R.I.P. After a while, one of the kids decided to write T.O.E. on one of them. For some reason, toes (and big toes especially) were really hilarious to us. We didn’t know cuss words but calling someone a big toe was good innocent fun. The librarian looked at the TOE and said “You can’t write that!?” “Sure I can” “Well what does is stand for?” and without missing a beat he answered “Terrified of Eagles”. She accepted that and we had something to laugh about everytime we passed the bulletin board outside the library.

6 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Dogboy

    Haha – the comic is great but your story is even better!

  2. C. V. Reynolds

    Just want to say that Graveyard looks especially great in this entry. Impressive.

  3. admin

    Thanks, planeteers!

  4. KNO3

    Nice toe story. Does that mean toe monsters are coming? Probably one that stinks and is in a jam, huh?

  5. Lars

    I wonder why the graveyard roars and acts hostile when animated, while the snowman and Frankenstein don’t?
    Or maybe the graveyard isn’t hostile, just misunderstood like Frankenstein.

  6. Steve

    Lars- I think the graveyard just happens to be a jerk. The snowman or Frankenstein’s monster could have turned out the same way.
    Brian- I love the patient but vexed expression on the graveyard’s face.