King vs Flags once more
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April 26th, 2009

King vs Flags once more

For the first time with the King and his flags I drew him once before I scanned him into the computer. Then I just cut and paste him 5 more times and made some minor changes. I’m not sure if it saved me time or not.  Drawing him over again gets really boring though. Thank goodness the flag designs are so much fun to draw!

In fact flag design is so fun for  me that I got a freelance job doing once upon a time. I did a Dragon Magazine article many moons ago that featured flag designs for humanoids that existed in the realms of fantasy.

These were the hillside Hobbit/Halfling flags:

These were for the swamp dwelling Lizardmen:

And for Giants of hill, fire, frost and cloud:

I’ll post more when next the King looks for a flag.

7 Awesomes Comments!

  1. KNO3

    I love the non human flags. The frost giant one I like the best.

    P.S. Which issue of Dragon Magazine was it?

  2. admin

    Thanks KNO3! It was #274, September 2000.

  3. S

    Hey – I recognize the hawk – the emblem is nearly identical to the phoenix decal in Halo multiplayer. Good one!

  4. admin

    Ha. Neat. I’ve never played Halo multiplayer or even singleplayer. Great minds think alike (or there’s only so many ways to draw an iconic hawk I guess).

  5. Tamfang

    The Shire of Cœur d’Ennui, a SCA branch in Iowa, has (or had) for its coat of arms eight boar heads arranged in a circle: a Boar-ring.

  6. The Blonde One

    Oh that 70’s guy 😀 Still my absolute favourite. Everytime I see him in a comic I get super excited for funniness.

  7. Steve

    I know it would derail the story, but you would think that by that point he would have just taken the lion and been done with it. I suppose that it might not be so bad now that he has found a way to properly pun-ish them for their dumb ideas.