Going Postal
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April 12th, 2009

Going Postal

Mummy Daddy is a character my friend Steve and I came up with a while ago when we were making a super hero family. The project we were working on went nowhere but when we came up with the name we both laughed ourselves silly for about 2 full minutes. When I went to draw this version of Mummy Daddy I had to think of what made someone iconically a “dad”. A pipe is too ’50s. A remote control and a sports team jersey is too current. A tie seems a little more timeless.

Also, it was nice to draw the Scarabbean again.

8 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Evan Snow

    Great strip as always, but did you know that your fonts have been all screwed up?

  2. admin

    Thanks Evan. I appreciate the heads up. I think I’ve got the fonts problems fixed now. Special thanks to reader Bob Learned III who also pointed it out and even sent me a screen cap to help work out the problem it was having with IE.

  3. Lars

    I don’t get the last line… maybe he made himself human, = pre-vampire and therefore a “preincarnation”?

  4. admin

    Lars, he’s not human but a “post”-vampire. Does that help explain things?

  5. DoverianDragoon

    So… the tie is more tie-meless?

    … Wow. There’s no good way to spell that pun.

  6. admin

    DD – Maybe as Neck timeless? In any event, hooray for more puns!

  7. Steve

    So did the princess give up on trying to stamp him out?

  8. podian

    A Pratchett pun in title?