Grave Danger
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April 5th, 2009

Grave Danger

It was about time I gave the pink-clad princess a name. Bhupindra came to me after a bit of thinking and I kind of like that the girl who slays ghostly foes would be nicknamed “Boo”.

10 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Jackson

    Haha! That is laugh-out-loud clever. Hats off to you, Brian.

  2. admin

    Hats off!? Nice one, Jackson!

  3. JC

    But Cloudy MacLeod brought the snowman to life…

  4. admin

    That’s true. In one continuity. Just like sometimes the Simpsons live next door to Ned Flanders and other times they live next door to the parking lot of the nuclear power facility Or maybe I forgot to tell the story about how the snowman died and Christi went on a quest to find a magic hat to bring him back to life. Or maybe its a different snowman?

  5. Lars

    Neat how the snowman looks so lifeless… just by lack of eyes and mouth?

  6. USB

    I bet that grass could eat a pretty big sandwich.

  7. Alice Quinn

    I laughed so hard at that sandwich comment!!! thanks USB!
    Next time I see you Brian you are going to have to tell me how to pronuonce Bhupindra, I have this bad habit of mispronucing things in my head when I read & then when I talk about it people are like “it is baudelares not boodelares”

  8. admin

    Yes, USB, that is a great joke.

    Alice, it is Boo-Pin-Druh.

  9. Magical hat

    What if couldy macleod made the hat magical and the hat brought the snowman to life? o_o

  10. Steve

    The TPP continuity is sort of like the Marvel Universe continuity. Which is to say that there isn’t any.