Pierced Pressure
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November 23rd, 2008

Pierced Pressure

I don’t have any piercings. Not that there weren’t times in my life that I didn’t think they looked cool, but I could never get into the idea that I’d have to disinfect and maintain the jewelry hole. It sounded like too much work for too little reward. I didn’t need to accessorize myself that much. I wasn’t a batman action figure. Although I do have the jaw for it.

The girl with short hair in the back of the first panel is Nozomi, a character from my record store/office space/romantic comedy graphic novel, No Dead Time. It’s really only a good read for people in their late teens, twenties and early thirties probably. It’s out of print now but you may be able to find one for sale at your local comic store’s cut-out bin. I had a moment at the last comic con I was at that I felt like me and my circle of friends had “made it” because almost all of us had a book in the dollar bins. You might think the opposite would be true, but I like to look at our stuff wedged between Kamandi, 100 issues of the Death of Superman and Lady Cop and think “Someone didn’t hate this so much they threw this out! Hoorays!”

9 Awesomes Comments!

  1. KNO3

    I got my cow peirced because she was a holy cow.

  2. Lars

    Love the skeleton shouting “Woooot!”

  3. Requiem

    Hey, isn’t that the Skeleton the Spelliton summoned? He did mention he was into cliff-diving (which was how he became a Skeleton).

  4. admin

    Good eye Requiem!

  5. Rose

    It’s good to know the guy in the fifth panel has stopped impersonating people and moved on to a life of wholesome adventuring.

  6. MB

    I didnt pierced my lip because all my friends didnt too.

  7. USB

    moved on to a death of wholesome adventuring, you mean.

  8. Emma

    I like that the pierced girl and Frankenstien’s monster are still together

  9. Steve

    Rose- That’s “Holesome” adventuring.