War! What’s it good for?
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November 16th, 2008

War! What’s it good for?

I couldn’t make up my mind if Gordragon or Dragorgon worked better or if it was even clear what I was mashing up so I went with the old unpronouncable-but-works-in-comics route. Originally it was going to be one of Princess Christi’s fancy pets but it works much better here I think. I’ve drawn it a few times at comic conventions as a sketch for people, usually fighting a flaming unicorn or something.

10 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Michael Cho

    8:24 pm and my Princess Planet comic is not showing up onscreen — all I get is a ‘?’ missing image symbol. I want my new PP!! WAAAHHH!

  2. Gadora

    I’m still seeing no comic. 🙁

  3. admin

    Oops. There it is now.

  4. Gadora


  5. K. Taylor

    Gotta love the Pile of Grass Eating a Sandwich cameo. Though I secretly miss his cousin, Pile of Grass Huffing Glue.

  6. aeonsama

    Dra/gor gon!!!

  7. Jai

    I’ve always heard it pronounced as “[oh-I-have-to-clear-my-throat-or-cough-right-now-sorry-it-can’t-wait]gon”. Effects may vary, depending on your audience – evil magical books are sticklers for pronunciation, but a common person might understand you quite well (As indicated by a quiet murmur of assent).

  8. Lars

    Hey, good use of the stupifying ray.

    But shouldn’t the banner say “*We’re* with stupid!” (and the finger still pointing at the viewer)? Otherwise it’s saying that the people it’s pointing at are *with* stupid, as well as *being* stupid… which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense…

    Anyway, good thing the king managed to resist the ray long enough to think of the defense!

    Funny that they used a giant hand mirror. Built for what hand?

  9. Sam

    actually Lars, they’re saying that they’re with stupid, and pointing at the soldiers, thus calling them stupid by saying that they are there, and they are with said stupid.

    i dunno what i said either.

  10. Steve

    The thing is, each of the king’s soldiers is with the other soldiers. Therefore, each of them stupifies their comrades. If only a single soldier was fielded, they would probably be unaffected.