Safe as Houses, Dumb as Hammers
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November 9th, 2008

Safe as Houses, Dumb as Hammers

“I’m With Stupid” is a classic shirt. It’s been around long enough to have new spins on it. There’s one I like that says I’ve seen that says “I’m not with stupid anymore” and I made my own with “I’m With Awesome” and some iron on printer paper. I’m a positive kind of guy like that. People like standing beside me when I wear it which so far has worked out well. Here I am sporting it at a friend’s karaoke birthday booth bash. That bright orange on the sailboats behind me glows in the black light which makes the venue super stlyin’. One day I want to be in a karaoke video walking forlornly along beach or across a hazy field to a gazeebo where I meet my flowery hatted soft focus lover. Then I’d be the awesome.


3 Awesomes Comments!

  1. K. Taylor

    I miss the sphinx. Every time I see the banner at the top of the page, I think, “What ever happened to her?” I mean, did she see the error of her ways and stop riddling people? Or is she still out there somewhere, making people answer riddles in order to drop AOL’s service?

  2. Maggers

    I saw your game/comic/thingy in my lil bro’s nick magazine. I liked it!

  3. admin

    K. – I have a couple of gags with the Sphinx on the drawing board and they’re just not quite 100% yet. It’ll be at least until the new year before you see another one, but there are at least one or two coming!

    Maggers – Thanks! I hope your bro liked it, and the Princess Planet!