Alternative Energy Sourced Animals
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November 30th, 2008

Alternative Energy Sourced Animals

Solar Powered Werewolf was something by buddy Chris Stone said on a trip we took to Philly. It always stuck with me as an awesome band name and general concept. That was also the trip were the term “Superman Club” came up. That’s now how we refer to our weekly lunch meetings of TX and friends. There were 6 of us in a rented van that the border cop asked “Where you all going?” “To a comic convention.” A comic convention? Are you all part of some club like a Superman Club or something?” “Yes. Yes, that’s it exactly.” Anything to make the border crossing easier.

After our friend Darwyn Cooke left Toronto for Halifax a few years ago we started to call the club Jimmy Olsen Club sometimes in honour of the big man leaving the club.

A while ago Cameron was talking about those over the top monster movies like 30 Days of Night where there’s vampires – in Alaska when it’s never daylight! and that someone was planning a werewolves on the moon (where it’s always full) film. What other scenarios could we put monsters in to make them all the more effective and frightening? I suggested an alien, on a planet filled with aliens. “On this planet, You’re the alien!” was Cameron’s suggested tagline. I also wondered about the Invisible Man attacking deaf people, the Creature on Waterworld and a Frankenstein sewn together from other monsters. Anyone have any other suggestions to make our classic horror movie monsters more ridiculously dangerous?

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  1. Jai

    Jason Voorhees at a nudist camp (Iffy, but I can’t think of something that would make his machete more dangerous to others but not to himself – he’s been killed with the darn thing repeatedly, after all, hasn’t he?). Freddy Krueger vs. narcoleptics? A mummified… tyrannosaurus rex (I dunno, the mummy is a hard one)? Jaws on Waterworld (Waterworld is not going to be any fun at all with so many monsters there). Zombies in a Wal*Mart on Black Friday.

  2. aeonsama

    I love it.
    “I just think of him more as a friend!”

    Hmmmm………A planet filled with sarcastic people, and your stuck with the only idiot whose dense and doesn’t get the joke.

    and a Knight in a nest full of dragons?

  3. admin

    Jai, I think Zombies on Black Friday might be too soon but is still good. Krueger vs narcoleptics is also bonus!

    Glad you like the gag Aeonsama! Your sarcastic people planet sounds more like a documentary rather than a horror!

  4. Jai

    I’m usually too soon. 🙁

    How about the opposite approach – a place where a classic monster is unsually defenseless, weak, or obvious (Since their strengths usually lie with being able to swoop in from out of nowhere)? I don’t mean like a vampire on the sun, though. Something more like… a vampire in that maze of mirrors from the end of Enter the Dragon. Or a mummy trapped in one of those awful Charmin bears commercials.

  5. BlueNight

    How about an honest-to-goodness vampire werewolf hybrid? Not one of those “really hot young vampires with the strength of a werewolf” the movies are always hitting us with. No, this vampire werewolf would chase you down, then with giant doggy fangs rip your carotid artery open and suck your blood. Then it would lick your face – with your own blood.

    Too morbid?

  6. admin

    Jai, Charmin mummies would indeed be doomed by bears!

    BlueNight, I am all for a vampire in any form that isn’t a hot young person in black. I didn’t see Underworld because, to me, vampires shouldn’t be using guns. That feels like the maker of the movie is pandering to people who really want to be vampires, so they’re removing anything from the vampire that makes them easy to imitate.

    There’s probably a pretty good story in there about a person who feeds on people at night but when the full moon rises he gets sloppy and careless. So, would a silver bullet kill the vampire or would you need silver and a wooden stake? Double or half the weaknesses?

  7. Aries Hausdorff

    How about like “Nazi’s in Space” – thats a scary thing in itself – or just regular humans landing on a planet populated by rather classical monsters – demons, dragons, werewolfs and werecats – and the latter living a simple, amiable, peaceful life and the humans coming in, landing first in a rather unpoplated area and then, upon exploring the planet, waging war on the creatures?

  8. Pointer X. Toxin

    Ridiculously overpowered monsters? Okay, how about a Golem who has undergone a couple decades of rabbinical training, is fluent in Hebrew and is a master sculptor, allowing him to not only make as many other golems as he wants, but to modify his own personality and ‘programming’ at will? If this is too much work, just put helmets on zombies, removing the whole ‘vulnerable to head trauma’ thing.

  9. Lars

    A gorgon arrives somewhere and discovers the population is all blind… Is this a problem for her, or a place she can finally fit in?
    Or, gorgon vs. the planet of gargoyles and stone golems.

    Hmm, ‘glassilisk’ came to mind — turns creatures to stone at a glance, but any stone that hits him will shatter him. Kind of like a human torch that is vulnerable to fire.

  10. Tamfang

    “a Frankenstein sewn together from other monsters” was done in Buffy season four: a uranium-powered cyborg with parts from a human and several species of demon.

  11. Steve

    honestly any movie monster with a bit of genre savvy.

  12. podian

    “genre savvy” – TV Tropes Can Ruin Your Language, huh? 🙂
    What about a troll from Tolkien’s books in the subway?
    Or Pratchett’s troll on Antarctica.