Rock, Scissors, Paper
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August 3rd, 2008

Rock, Scissors, Paper

Every week I play a game of tag n go seek called manhunt. We play in a different part of the city each Thursday night. To see who starts as it we do king counter intil there’s two people left. Then it’s R/S/P. I’ll give away my secret, that I usually go with paper. I find a lot of people start with rock and so far I’m up above 50% success. Maybe it’s a local preference for rock? Maybe it’s Bart Simpson’s influence? Maybe it’s the easiest hand gesture to make? Does everybody know what King Counter is?

Manhunt is a great game that when the person who is “it” tags someone else, they are also “it”. Eventually everyone is “it” or the time runs out (about 45 minutes). You’re totally allowed to lie about whether you are it or not so it’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers time… once you lose sight of your friends, you have to assume they’ve become “one of them”!!! If it sounds like fun, check the wikipedia entry to see if there’s a game near you. If not, start one up!

3 Awesomes Comments!

  1. Master Roshambollah

    I think Bart’s “Good old rock; nothing beats it” is more of an effect than a cause. Likewise, rock is even easier than paper to form; you don’t need to change your hand at all!

    It’s not just that a lot of people open with rock; a lot of people also open with paper. Scissors is by far the least common opening throw. Playing for the tie or the win has undoubtedly lead to your spectacular success rate. My congratulations, and best wishes for continued success! If this whole Manhunt thing doesn’t work out for you, perhaps there’s a future for you in the sport of Rock Paper Scissors!

  2. Maltor Drey

    Actually, I find that people frequently open with scissors. Maybe it is a local thing.

  3. Steve

    Where I live, I think I recall a lot of people starting with scissors.